Rustic or dreamy. An atmosphere of a refined shop or of a venerable champagne bar. Different interiors by the same creative talents.

In Rome, thanks to the consolidated collaboration between the design studio Strato and the Laurenzi Consulting group specializing in the food & beverage sector, a new approach to architecture for wine experience, with great attention to detail.

In Enoteca Bulzoni the main compositional character is that of a refined rustic look.

Strato has transformed this historic venue, opened as an emporium in 1929 in the heart of Parioli, into a modern wine bar.

Warm materials and colors – oak tables, wood floors, red-purple walls  form a perfect setting for the large selection of winds. The antique wooden counter with a marble top and a staircase in recycled earthenware link back to the tradition of the French champagnerie.

Brylla, in the Trieste district, stands out for its contemporary design. The creative interiors by Strato bring together two different spirits: a convivial tone set by a central space with earthenware floors and two symmetrical wooden counters, and a more intimate and elegant zone, dominated by the color midnight blue, with a wall featuring constellations.