Winergetic Premium Passive is the exclusive patented line of windows by Oknoplast that combines high thermal insulation performance with elegant looks, thanks to the original design of the panel.

The result of work on research and innovation conducted by Oknoplast, this window uses space technology: Aerogel, an innovative material with exceptional thermal properties, used by NASA for the construction of spacecraft and the cladding of the suits of astronauts.

The innovative Space Block in Aerogel and polyurethane reduces heat transmission to achieve very high levels of performance.

Conceived for modern low-consumption construction, Winergetic Premium Passive ensures perfect thermal insulation, eliminating dispersion of heat and providing remarkable energy savings in both winter and summer. Its high performance characteristics comply with the severe parameters of the Casa Clima agencies, gaining Gold Class certification.

The design of the Winergetic Premium Passive section has light, minimal lines on the inside, and sinuous, rounded lines on the outside. The reduced weight of the chamber glass and its thermal treatment also make it possible to create very large window units.