Barilla and Whirlpool have joined forces to create a new way of cooking in the home. The result is CucinaBarilla, a system composed of a technologically advanced oven made by Whirlpool and a range of kits developed and produced by Barilla. The kits contain the ingredients to prepare many dishes including pasta, risotto, bread, pizza, focacce and cakes.

It is very easy to prepare food and put it on the table. Each package, with two portions, has an RFID code (technological label): moving the label near the reader on the oven, the oven recognizes the kit and automatically adjusts its settings, for perfect timing and cooking.

Thus cooking becomes easy and efficient, involving just a few gestures: from the online purchase of the kits to the starting of the oven, everything is quick and safe. A way to have more free time and to focus on other things while CucinaBarilla does the work.

The project has been developed by a team of over 70 persons from Barilla and Whirlpool: over 20,000 hours of work by specialists, combining different kinds of expertise to ensure a project of high technological content without sacrificing ease of use on the part of consumers, and the genuine quality of the results.

Thanks to the delay function it is possible to program cooking and have food ready at a given time: to wake up to the aroma of fresh bread, or to return home after work and find dinner ready. Experiences that are no longer unaffordable luxuries, but can become everyday habits.

The kits, which can only be used with the CucinaBarilla oven, will be on sale at The site will be online starting at the end of July, timed to match the start of sales of the oven, which will be sold in electronics stores.