Wood-Skin, a company founded in 2013 based on an idea of young designers, architects and engineers, offers an innovative technology that makes rigid surfaces become flexible. Thanks to particular workmanship, surfaces become three-dimensional in a single process.



One of the firm’s most important projects is the Milanese space of Maison Margiela.



For Salone del Mobile 2017, besides making improvements to the existing technology, the company presented its first true product: Quiet – Bits, a modular system whose base of 47×47 cm can be doubled to become 94×47 cm, and quadrupled in the larger module, measuring 94×94 cm.

The use of magnetic joints makes assembly simple and fun, permitting subsequent modification of the form and function of the surface, separating desks and workspaces but also creating sound-absorbing surfaces to position on the wall or ceiling.

Wood-Skin also offers the Mesh Sheets system to create organic and sinuous forms starting with flat sheets, like membranes shaped as macro-fabrics, and the Fold Panels, three-dimensional panels with appealing geometric design.