The atmosphere of the new Yoshi Sushi Restaurant is a crescendo of impressions. Four rooms of different sizes have been designed by Studio Claudia Pelizzari to welcome and to amaze.


The entrance features a large counter of great visual impact. The facing materials all come from the Japanese tradition. The top is in brushed and polished black Zimbabwe granite.

Behind the counter stands a geometric structure in natural iron, enhanced by backlit frosted glass.

To the side of the counter a large table has a top made with a log of solid wood in an irregular form.

The walls are in peacock green.


By moving curtains composed of metal chains one enters the ‘social’ room, for a young target, with multiple seats and tables for infinite combinations. The lighting fixtures have been developed with the studio’s lighting designer to produce a singular effect: museum spotlights project different shapes of light on the surface of each table. The walls have texturized wallpaper in a golden yellow color by Élitis, alternating with other walls in the colors cappuccino and black.


Crossing a gate in natural iron, the third room has an ‘orientalist’ theme. The seats are more comfortable, and antique oriental prints hang on the walls. The striking effect is enhanced by games of light and shadow generated by a pair of metal wire lamps by Foscarini.


For a more exclusive target, the last room has an even more sophisticated atmosphere: panels in natural linen become unique thanks to handmade abstract decorations.