The Culti Milano capsule collection of ambient fragrances for winter

The choice of scents for the home is very personal. This is why every Culti Milano fragrance comes from a true story, the memory of a place, a journey, a sensation experienced in the past. The aroma becomes original, no longer of the house but of the person.

The fragrance for winter is Noblesse, a creation that suggests a warm, welcoming family atmosphere of the holidays. The nobility of its facets reveals a rounded, intimate scent of freshly baked ginger snaps, the paleness of snow, the warmth of logs burning in the fireplace.

In the family of oriental scents, Noblesse features an initial sweet, sensual note of vanilla and musk. The core of the aroma is like an intense combination of cinnamonheliotrope and cedar that merges into a sparkling finale of bergamot, anise and ginger.

A capsule collection of crystalline tones has been created around this fragrance, with subtle hints of gold, including the flacon of the iconic Linea Stile of ambient diffusers of Culti Milano, and the perfumed candle.

Noblesse is contained in the flacons of the Linea Stile, in frosted glass for the 500 ml version and transparent glass for the 4300 ml option. The bottle, with gold screen printing, features a stopper in natural maple. The diffusion system with rattan wands – introduced for the first time by Culti Milano in 1990, and now very widespread – allows the fragrance to be released with all its intensity, though in a discreet, constant way.

The Noblesse scented candle is a decor feature that creates pleasant atmospheres of soft light, spreading the full pleasure of the fragrance. The candle comes in the 270 gram size in a refined vase of white satin-finish glass enhanced by gold screen printing. Dipped by hand, the candle harmoniously releases the scent in the space, thanks to a wick in pure natural cotton.