Young self-taught designer, Clara Arpini founded Nodo2014, a brand of furniture and accessories that reinterprets the ancient weaving and stuffing techniques in a modern key. For the Nostalgica collection – portrayed in shots with an analogue allure – she is inspired by the bars and trattorias of the 1960s

“Research and recovery of elements, traditions and crafts give life to my work of reinterpreting time and design. Hands are my tool”. This is how Clara Arpini introduces herself, a young self-taught Milanese designer, mind and hands of Nodo2014.

Born in 1987, with a humanistic background, while working (also) in the family restaurant, she deviates her path that becomes more ‘tactile when, alone, she learns to weave using the structure of an old grandmother's chair. She then recovers an ancient technique of the Italian tradition, straw weaving, which she reinvents through the study and experimentation of new methods and materials and then applies them to apparently worthless 'sessions of memory', giving them a new personality.

Nodo2014 is a project founded on the enhancement of the artisan tradition and on the recovery of ancient techniques of stuffing and weaving to give shape to various textures and striking material contrasts.

In 2014, in her laboratory in Cassano d’Adda (Milan), Clara began to design and produce weaves of yarns working on existing structures, as an alternative to padding and straw. Thanks to the close collaboration with local artisans, she then began to take care of the entire project, also designing the structure and taking care of every detail of the realization. Today furnishing elements come to life, such as chairs and coffee tables, home accessories such as lampshades, baskets and rugs, made with yarns of various materials, woven exclusively by hand. A tribute to the slowness of know-how, in which the deliberate choices of materials and color combinations represent the connection between past and future.

Inspired by a nostalgic past but shaped with a contemporary design, the first two collections of Nodo2014 stand out for the refinement of the weave that ranges from colorful to strong color backgrounds.


The new furniture collection was born from the desire to slow down, to regain possession of a spontaneous gesture and genuine conviviality. Nostalgica reinterprets the seats with a metal tubular structure and seat and backrest woven in PVC yarns that populated the Italian bars of the 1960s. She draws from Clara's childhood memories, linked to the many moments spent in the family restaurant, where her products are revived today, portrayed in some photographic shots by Alessandra Di Consoli with an analogue allure.

Designed and built by Clara Arpini with the support and collaboration of a Milanese craftsman, the line consists of five furnishing elements with familiar names: the Ada armchair, the Anita chair, the Adele bench, the Aldo stool and the Auro coffee-table.

For the interweaving that characterizes all Nostalgia furnishings, Clara Arpini has chosen an Okeo-Tex certified polypropylene yarn that respects the Reach regulation, therefore free from harmful, toxic and bioaccumulative substances, as well as completely recyclable.

The inspiration for the collection comes from the past, but the gaze is directed towards the future. Witness the choice to create a durable product, made with a resistant material, able to grow and change  with those who have chosen it, being able to be re-dressed several times during its life cycle. A timeless product, which even evolves; it does not go out of fashion, on the contrary, it restores personality and life: a really sustainable product.

The iron structure, available in white or black, is literally dressed’ thanks to the numerous types of weaves between weft and warp and the combination of colors. Each combination, geometric and chromatic, is carefully studied. All the furnishings, for sale on the online shop Artemest, are suitable for indoor environments, both residential and contract, and, using polyester yarns subjected to anti UV and water repellent treatment, they are also ideal in outdoor locations.

The textures, colorful or optical, contemporary, retro or classic, take shape from weft and warp, giving personality to each piece of furniture. With the help of graphic programs, Clara designs and studies the plots of the weaves that she will trace directly on the structures. The choice of shades takes place only at the end of the creative process, in a slow and natural way, following the inspiration of the entire project.

Because Nodo2014 is an inspired project: young and old, nostalgic and futuristic, familiar and analogical and at the same time perfect for contemporary social media. A project that weaves objects and relationships, simple, genuine, true. Like the atmosphere in a 1960s restaurant.