The EcoDream collection dresses up two cars on the M2 train, to create four-star vacation homes

Inside the “Station Racour” (Belgium), two train cars of the M2 line, which until 1990 made regular trips on the Belgian rail network, have been renovated in keeping with their original style, colors and finishes, to create two 4-star vacation homes, of about 60 m2 each, for a maximum of six persons, with exclusive interiors based on originality and attention to detail. NovaBell has supplied all the floors: with EcoDream, the collection of porcelain stoneware flooring made by applying HD digital technology, ceramic takes on the appearance of wood, bringing warmth and intimacy to all the spaces. The name itself, EcoDream, reflects the stylistic inspiration linked to the world of nature, as part of the “NovaBell ecosystem” of products in porcelain stoneware, with a philosophy of sustainable development seen as environmental protection, safety and health. Info: