The new photography exhibition by Paolo Gotti – until 28 February 2020 Temporary Gallery - Via Orfeo 4/a, Bologna

Oltre i confini is an exhibition in which Paolo Gotti comes to terms with a complex theme, that of getting beyond limits and barriers, be they geographical, political, cultural, social or simply mental.

Getting past boundaries is the result of an unstoppable desire for knowledge and conquest, especially of places in which three elements – air, water, earth – tend to mingle in mutable horizons, exotic, faraway landscapes at the ends of the earth: from Iceland to Bolivia to Nepal, deserts of sand and salt, low tides and oceans, roads that vanish behind mountains.

Gotti also focuses on people, photographed as they observe a panorama without really entering it, a space that expands infinitely, that can only be intuited and not understood.