Philips presents the new OLED models with artificial intelligence and exclusive sound systems


Philips TV presents new models, including OLED TV 805 and 855, which besides great looks offer: Ambilight on 3 sides, the best image quality available on the market and Android 9 Smart TV, equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence). At the same time, Philips TV adds two exclusive new models created in collaboration with Bowers&Wilkins. The ultra-slim 9435 LED 4K UHD comes in the sizes 55” and 65”, while the 9235 LED 4K UH measures 43”. Both televisions rely on audio by Bowers&Wilkins.

The new OLED 805 and 855 models are enhanced by Artificial Intelligence to achieve an incredible level of image quality. How? The televisions are so smart that they can constantly analyze the images to provide the finest colors, brightness, depth and fluidity of movement. The spectator feels like part of the images as they appear on the screen.

9435 LED 4K UHD and 9235 LED 4K UHD are equipped with the exclusive sound system by Bowers&Wilkins, inside the soundbar placed below the set. The power of the system fills the whole room and makes dialogue seem to emerge from the screen. The audio of video games, TV series and films has never been so spectacular before.