For Design Week in Milan, Jijide presented a FuoriSalone event at Palazzo Landriani. The new collection was created precisely for this occasion, in a limited edition of 88 pieces. The fragrances spread throughout spaces, often defining their identity.

The path chosen by the firm is original, defying trends, taking an original, innovative direction with respect to the traditional approach to the world of perfume, concentrating on the creation of blends and combinations.

The scents proposed are the result of analysis of contemporary life, of cultural and lifestyle models that define the tastes and moods of everyday existence, from small objects to apparel and furnishings. A new way of defining the sensory experience of smell.

The new developments include Litchi, a diffuser in blown glass made by the master craftsmen of Murano, in a numbered limited edition. A heady sensory voyage made of scents, an object that brings beauty and elegance to the everyday environment.

The four fragrances for the home, available in assortments like Cremisi (Tea, Fig and Walnut), Giada (Myrtle, Lemon and Bergamot), Oltremare (Sandalwood, Iris), Seta (Musk, Tea and Black Pepper), are joined by four others in limited editions, for the spring-summer season: Pervinca (Lavender, Musk, Juniper), Aurora (Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain), Cipria (Rose, Grapefruit, Orange), Corallo (Orange, Geranium, Sandalwood).