Federica Biasi, designer, imagines the Lume Collection for Nespresso

Federica Biasi reinterprets the classic Italian coffee cup for Nespresso. The brand has already made use of collaborations with international designers for the creation of lines of coffee accessories, Les Collections. After Konstantin Grcic with his Vertuo glass cups and Big-Game with the Pure collection, Federica Biasi was selected for the design of the Lume Collection for 2020. The exponent of the new generation of Italian design has accepted the challenge of redesigning the classic coffee cup. An apparently simple but complex theme considering that many designers and masters have declined this object several times in history.

“Working with Nespresso on the Lume project, on the design of everyday, simple objects was a truly exciting journey. When I am called to work on projects of this kind, I look for a functional, formal and aesthetic result that meets technical specifications, practicality and comfort, creating durable objects that can accompany the end user for many years ", explains the designer.

"To rediscover the origins of the classic Italian coffee cup, I left Naples, and then continued on to other cities in Italy and Europe. I did not want to design an object with an exclusively Italian flavor but a product that spoke an international language, and that reflected my style ”, continues Federica Biasi. At the end of this investigation, the project becomes that of conveying an idea of ​​beauty as simple as possible to give an imprint to the traditional coffee service in step with the times. Refined, authentic, warm and personal shapes, without too many frills.

Lume means light, like the soft rays of dawn that reflect the white cups on saucers with delicate shades. In white porcelain with a matte finish and velvety to the touch on the outside, the cup is highlighted by the shiny ocher red contours of the frosted glass saucer. The thickness of the rounded edges helps the coffee to maintain foam and heat and gives an important weight to the coffee cup, according to the Neapolitan tradition.

Characterized by a hybrid shape, neither square nor round, each cup is available in five variants: for espresso (80 ml), long (180 ml), gran Lungo, cappuccino, and coffee mug (400ml). The collection is accompanied by the Lume Mia capsule holder, inspired by the cookie and confectionery jars of the past. In transparent glass and with a satin metal lid, it reveals the colored capsules.