A project by Ettore Spalletti made specifically for Villa Paloma

Ombre d'Azur

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Principality of Monaco

until 3 November 2019

Ombre d’azur, transparence is a project by Ettore Spalletti, curated by Cristiano Raimondi and made specifically for the spaces of Villa Paloma: an itinerary of forty works in seven spaces, on the three levels of the building.


The spaces created and installed by the artist embody all the aspects of his work in an engaging but non-chronological sequence: important new productions are shown alongside historic pieces from his studio and from leading private collections.

The environments – mostly three-dimensional monochromes – feature the pinks and blues of the landscapes of Abruzzo – the region facing the Adriatic, where the artist has always lived and worked – and are sublimated and made timeless thanks to the material utilized.

Spalletti’s technique is original, slow and extremely methodical. For weeks he applies dozens of coats of paint on wooden structures; each passage is allowed to dry, then roughed to bring out the pigment in all their tones.

The result is a sort of skin that protects and at the same time connects the work with the viewer, spreading shadows of color and light.

Ettore Spalletti, like an orchestra conductor, designs the architecture of the exhibition to create a rigorous atmosphere of universal spirituality.