Water-inspired design and useful solutions to maximize smartphone efficiency: OPPO ColorOS 13 is the interface specially developed for the latest Google Android 13 release

Updated connection between devices, user experience, improved graphics. And also functionality optimization: this is how the new OPPO ColorOS 13 interface provides maximum productivity to its users.

The system is created for Android 13, with the Asian smartphone maker anticipating everyone on the market, launching a specially developed design for the latest release of Google's software.

Inspired by water with Aquamorphic Design

The ColorOS 13 interface is characterized by Aquamorphic Design, a look inspired by the elements of water that allows great fluidity to animations, illustrations, layouts and artificial intelligence. This property simplifies the use of devices and allows users a more effective and comfortable use of smartphones or tablets. All for the benefit of intuitiveness.

Readability and colors

The sinuosity of the water-inspired design also improves the readability of ColorOS 13. For example, the new font and 'card' style layout make information easier to read. As well as the color of the system themes with subtle tones and not too fatiguing for the eyes.

Always-On Display, information is at your fingertips

Today we find ourselves in a hyper-connected world, in which time plays a fundamental role: ColorOS 13 is developed to provide all the necessary information immediately. In fact, the Always-On Display system allows access to the features you really need thanks to the screen that is always on, even in standby.

A solution that speeds up smartphone use and reduces battery power consumption, to get more communications and notifications related to weather, music or your delivery. To increase the autonomy of the device and the number of apps in the background, then, the Dynamic Computing Engine balances maximum performance with low energy use.

High-level connectivity and privacy

OPPO ColorOS 13 also improves connectivity with PCs. The new interface allows the display of up to three windows from your phone on a computer with windows system.

An excellent feature for users, who can thus interact with three different apps at the same time. In addition, the Multi-Screen Connect has been enhanced to improve the sharing of images, music, documents, videos and documents between different devices.

In terms of security and privacy, the new automatic Pixelate function allows you to obfuscate avatars and nicknames in chat screenshots, while the Private Safe allows for the storage of encrypted documents and photos. The Find X5 and X5 Pro devices are currently compatible with the new ColorOS 13 interface.