Paul Cocksedge creates a simple, playful and ‘sunny’ soluto for post-lockdown social distancing

From his home-studio in LondonPaul Cocksedge, the internationally acclaimed British designer, has envisioned a creative, ’sunny’ solution for social distancing, as the reality of long-term spacing becomes a likely post-lockdown measure.

Here Comes The Sun can help people to socialize safely and confidently once restrictions have been eased.

The typical English blanket, a symbol of convivial pleasures during Sunday brunches or picnics in the park, has been reinterpreted and redesigned to help people keep the right distance.

Inspired by the sun and consistent with Cocksedge’s style, based on simplicity, joy and wonder in everyday life, Here Comes The Sun is an open-source project available for download, to encourage people to make, craft and pattern-cut during lockdown.

“Lockdown has given rise to some amazing bursts of creativity, and I wanted to create something positive, that looks towards the future,” Paul Cocksedge says. “Technology has been a huge help in recent weeks, allowing people to stay connected digitally. After the lockdown, socializing will come with a degree of uncertainty. As a designer who works with sizes and measurements on an everyday basis, I sometimes find it hard to accurately interpret two meters - which is a common problem we are all having at the moment. The blanket Here Comes The Sun is a playful answer to that, and it works as a democratic piece of design that anyone can download and make,” he concludes.

The artwork created in fabric is the result of the British designer’s aim of encouraging people to do creative work with their hands during the shelter-in-place period.

Visit this link to download the PDF tutorial and make the blanket.

Paul Cocksedge’s studio is developing another version of the Here Comes The Sun concept for urban developers.

A blanket that is a playful - and sunny - response to the problem of precisely gauging two-meter gaps for social distancing"