Pianca & Partners opens in Milan: 26 companies that come together to promote a development model for contract projects based on flexibility, collaboration and economies of scale. Epicenter is the 900 sq.m showroom in the heart of Brera, designed by Calvi Brambilla

Flexibility, expertise, innovation, craftsmanship and technology: a new contract hub is opening in Milan, during Milano Design City, promoted by Pianca together with 25 other companies from the furniture and construction supply chain. It's called Pianca & Partners and it is a network of firms that aims to promote a new flexible, dynamic, bespoke project development model.

The 900 sq.m showroom in the heart of Milan's Brera design district, in via Porta Tenaglia 7N3, designed byCalvi Brambilla, wholly reflects the fundamental values of design: it is flexible and dynamic, aiming to be a vibrant space, somewhere to meet and interact, somewhere for relationships and business stories to unfold, in addition to being simply a product showroom.

Pianca & Partners was conceived to serve architects, interior designers, developers, builders and investors, offering high end products and services, Made in Italy expertise and a system of relationships capable of interpreting the requirements of contemporary design in the residential, hotel, nautical and property sectors.

26 complementary brands have united to offer seamless collaboration that covers the needs of the entire design chain: Agha, Alice Ceramica, Ardeco, Artesi, Barausse, Castaldi Lighting, Delta Dore, Diquigiovanni, Dnd, Dorelan, Florim, Garbelotto, K-array, KE, Londonart, Mareno, Margraf, Milani, Nahoor Limelight, Nord Resine, Oikos, Palazzani, Pianca, Santo Passaia, Talenti, Vitrik.

Relationships between people are really what sparked off this project. Human and professional collaborations came first, with a host of business owners from the supply chain who have now become partners. We listened to and interpreted the needs of numerous professionals to deliver solutions for those who are constructing things: an idea, a building, a space, a location to host other needs and desires” says Aldo Pianca, President of Pianca. “We found we shared values above projects and it seemed natural to all take things a step forward together, turning what was previously just a dream into something real with Pianca & Partners, which now offers a system of relationships between companies, professionals and designers.”

Pianca & Partners was born from the contract experience of Pianca, specialising in furniture systems and complements, and of a desire to establish a new reference point and promoter of relations between professionals and companies.

Companies who share the ability to promptly deliver bespoke designs to customer specifications, come together to promote a flexible, dynamic system, adopting a method that promotes quality, tradition, research, sustainability and intelligence. Pianca & Partners creates custom designs, delivering a synergistic response to the requirements of a complex and multifaceted sector.

Pianca & Partners offers customized consulting: constructed around the customer, each project is unique, combining the most suitable products and technical solutions for the individual case. Direct interaction with partner companies shortens the supply chain, saving time and resources and lowering costs. To simplify processes, each customer can also choose to work with one single reference or deal directly with selected companies.

The Pianca & Partners showroom aims to be a highly flexible space, capable of periodically changing its look to reflect and document the evolution of individual partner company product ranges. Furniture, interior doors, security doors, windows, wood panelling, wallpaper, lighting and office systems: Pianca & Partners offers a massive range of products to meet the most diverse contract project requirements.

The huge showroom with a street-facing store front is developed over 900 sq.m and on two floors, with displays of the finishes, materials, products and systems offered by the companies.


The architectural design by Calvi Brambilla meets the various brand display needs and fulfills a desire to create a coherent, distinctive design.

The showroom spaces are divided into a neat, balanced collection of products that manages to demonstrate the variety and scope of the product range. The showroom styling is dictated by the desire to showcase the partner companies' manufacturing skills and the versatility of the product ranges, in terms of finishes, arrangements, colours and customization.

“We worked to a dual strategy. On the one hand, we selected the most interesting products for eachbrand, and on the other, we sought to give the interior design a strong identity Paolo Brambilla states. “We wanted there to be a clear design in the organisation of the space, which would give the environment its own character, independently of the periodic changes in display. We thus introduced some highly distinctive architectural elements: six stone dividing walls which help you read the space and identify paths across it. These walls also have a demonstrative, almost didactic function. They are entirely made of travertine, but have five different finishes, to highlight how the same material can have a different feel depending on how it is finished.”

Al piano terra la palette colori è giocata su toni caldi del travertino e del rosso tabasco, affiancati dal rovere spazzolato a spina di pesce del pavimento. Le pareti sono rivestite da una resina materica, con una grana particolarmente strutturata, alternata ad inserti in boiserie pensati per mostrare le straordinarie capacità dei diversi partner.

Al piano interrato la resina grigio-verde copre i pavimenti, abbinata a superfici verticali grigie e rosa, tanto nelle ceramiche quanto negli inserti tessili. Un’area dedicata alla zona notte raccoglie alcune delle proposte più significative di sistemi per armadi e cabine di Pianca, a fianco della zona benessere con i prodotti dei partner specializzati nel settore bagno e spa.

The heart of the showroom is a huge material lab where you can discover all of our partners' product finishes and materials and create a custom palette for your project. A multifunctional area for meetings and training courses backs onto a working professional kitchen. There will be special live show cooking events where you can admire the work of chefs in person.

The styling design was devised by Elena Caponi.