A project in Valtournanche, between modernity and tradition

Valtournenche, at an altitude of 1500 meters, is famous for its ski trails connecting to Cervinia. The typical local residence is very low, of compact size, clad in wood with warm, discreet lighting. Only on the outside is it generally possible to find the typical combination of stone and wood, an exemplary case of the vernacular rascard.

The project by the architect Virginia Lorello, rather than closing itself off in a wooden cocoon, takes this strong contrast of hewn stone and honey-colored wood into the interiors. Pale colors on the walls, new casements with slim frames and the open space of the kitchen allow the mountain light and landscapes to enter.

The use of gray on walls and fabrics is the trait d’union of the composition, bringing out the golden tones of the oak, while various parts in copper enhance and warm the hues of the rooms. Given the small spaces set aside for interiors in the mountains, every room has been designed with extreme precision, but without sacrificing any type of comfort or service.

The indirect lighting of the bedroom is hidden by a game of plasterboard panels whose composition attracts attention from the entrance to the other side of the bedroom, like an alcove. The design takes its cue from certain installations of contemporary art, like that of the Museo Serralves (Porto).

The kitchen has been expanded to form an open space together with the living area, but to distinguish the different zones the flooring changes based on functions. The surfaces of the entrance and kitchen are rugged, in gray, while parquet has been used for the living area. The island of the kitchen underscores this division, but at the same time the composition is light, thanks to the range with a built-in hood and two lighting fixtures in glass.

Photos: Virginia Lorello