Una villa nella periferia di Milano ha subito un intervento di riqualificazione per migliorare comfort abitativo ed estetica dell’edificio. Eclisse ha contribuito con la posa del profilo Syntesis Battiscopa

The R+F house is a villa from the 1970s in the Po Valley, in a context of 2000 square meters of land with adjacent swimming pool, guest house, gym and garage. After an initial project that began in 2013 focusing only on the smaller buildings, the main house, on two levels, has been completely gutted and redesigned in terms of layout and physical plant, since its levels of internal comfort and energy performance were no longer acceptable.

With the engineer Andrea Lonati at the helm, the project has implemented an overall regeneration covering all the structural aspects of the building, entirely replacing the old roof and reinforcing the structure and the foundations, expanding the size while updating physical plant systems, replaced with solutions for high energy efficiency.

From a layout standpoint the spaces have been totally revised, enlarged and optimized based on the needs of the owners. One of the requests was to insert doors without any external finishing, to combine with a baseboard mounted flush with all the walls of the house, including the stairways.

Since this was a renovation project, the installation of the Eclisse Syntesis Baseboard profile for the insertion of the flush baseboards was particularly complex, as opposed to its use in a new construction.

Thanks to the Eclisse Syntesis Collection counter frames, all the internal doors, both sliding units without jambs and frames, or hinged flush-mounted doors, have the same white finish as the walls for a minimal, elegant look. The aesthetic result is ensured by coating with primer on the frame and the panel, to improve the grip of the paint, while the profiles of the counter frames ensure a perfect finish, preventing the paint from peeling over time.

The sole exception is for the flush doors in the living area, camouflaged in the wall and covered by classic wallpaper. The modern image of the refurbished dwelling does not exclude elements of the tradition in the furnishings and finishes, such as the salvaged wood flooring from Cortina d’Ampezzo or the private collection of paintings of the Renaissance era, in contrast with modern works by the artist Dondé.