In the context of Bergamo Brescia 2023 - Capital of Italian Culture, Plenitude (Eni) brings the installation "Feeling the Energy" to Bergamo, at the Suardi Park and until 15 October

Plenitude (Eni) proposes again in Bergamo, at theSuardi Park, the Feeling the Energy installation, already presented for the first time at the FuoriSalone 2022 at the Orto Botanico di Brera, as part of the exhibition “INTERNI Design Re-Generation”.

Fourth stage of a tour which saw, last October, bringing the work beyond the border: in fact, after the Botanical Garden of Brera, Feeling the Energy arrived in Spain, again in collaboration with INTERNI , hosted in the splendid setting of the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, before returning to Italy in Sanremo, on the occasion of the Italian Song Festival.

The installation, designed by the international design and innovation studio CRA - Carlo Ratti Associatiin collaboration with Italo Rota, celebrates the importance of collaboration between people: it is thanks to the synergy between human beings and nature that we are witnessing the production of vital energy capable of moving our planet every day.

The work offers the public a multisensory experience in which energy can be perceived in different ways through the senses and which, throughout the installation, is revealed in various forms: from sound, to light, in the wind. The visitor will be able to discover, for example, how a sound is born, by blowing on the elements of the "living orchestra" or playing with a xylophone. In both cases it is the vibration that transmits the energy necessary to produce what we hear.

Continuing, the public will be able to find the pinwheels which, in the presence of the wind, move at different speeds based on the force exerted. Finally, sunlight allows, thanks to photovoltaic panels, to transform solar rays into electricity.

The project uses 500 meters of antibacterial copper to create a path along which visitors can experience, through engaging game dynamics, the main forms of generation of energy produced from sources renewable, such as solar or wind energy, but also evaporative cooling and even sound.

By interacting with the installation, visitors will become protagonists in the production of energy that will be reused within the Park itself, for example to contribute to lighting during the evening hours or to power the water vaporizers which refresh the surrounding area while nourishing the surrounding plants.

The antibacterial copper was supplied to create the installation by the international manufacturer KME, one of the world's largest producers of copper and alloy materials. of copper, which has always been oriented towards innovation and characterized by a strong commitment to sustainability.

The work will remain at Suard Park until October 15th and, always with the aim of involving and raising awareness among the public, communities and territories about energy, its many forms and its relationship with man and the environment, will then find its definitive location at Dynamo Camp, the well-known camp created to offer specific training programs for free Recreational Therapy to children and adolescents suffering from chronic diseases, in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period, and to their families.

Inserting itself into this context, Feeling the energy will remain available to visitors. Located in Limestre, developed and promoted by KME more than 15 years ago, the site on which the Camp is located also includes a protected nature reserve of over 900 hectares which boasts a space for contemporary art at own interior.

With the Feeling the Energy installation, the collaboration path of Plenitude with theMunicipality of Bergamo, based on attention to issues such as sustainability and energy efficiency, thus reaches its third stage. In recent days, in fact, from 16 to 19 September, Plenitude participated in the European Mobility Week, an event included in the Bergamo Brescia 2023 Capitals of Culture, describing the electric mobility solutions of its subsidiary Be Charge through experiences and activities aimed at raising public awareness on the topic.

Closeness to the Bergamo area that the Company also demonstrated last April 12 by inaugurating, in partnership with ANCE Bergamo, the exhibition "Visions of a present future" at the historic Palazzo della Libertà. Plenitude, Eni's Benefit Company, supplies energy to over 10 million European customers and boasts a portfolio of 2.5 GW of renewable capacity in operation with the aim of reaching over 7 GW installed per year 2026 and beyond 15 GW to 2030.