Porto – opening week 19-29 September 2019

The Porto Design Biennale features the participation of a guest country each year, with the aim of formulating a diversified program to focus on design themes while representing the different facets and aspects of that country.

Italian design has always been capable of expressing socio-cultural changes in progress, engaging in major theoretical, technological and practical innovations, in spite of the economic and social vicissitudes of the era. Even today, Italy is able to accompany change with responses that arise from the ground up, from the solid human structure that is the substrate of any project and of the resources of the country.

The Territorio Italia program includes three exhibitions and a set of collateral events that establish a dialogue and a relationship between design, culture and territory, seen as a geographical, material, social and human fabric. It opens on 19 September with the exhibition Frontiere: Expressions of Contemporary Design (until 8 December 2019 at Palacio Das Artes - Fundação Da Juventude); followed by the openings of the two exhibitions Riccardo Dalisi: Perfect Imperfection (until 24 November 2019 at Museu Da Misericórdia) and Abitare Italia: Icons of Italian Design (until 8 December 2019 at Palacio Das Artes - Fundação Da Juventude).

The Italian territory, in this context, becomes a critical and interactive backdrop, revealing its fragility, its condition as a delicate territory awaiting resolution. From the folds of this fragility and the cultural wealth that is generated by this condition of openness to the world, Territorio Italia reacts, creates and continues to look to the future, without forgetting the past.

Here is the program of the opening week.