A very young woman is the new President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. This is Maria Porro, former Assarredo number one (and committed to the forefront of sustainability issues)

It is good news even just starting from the registry: the new President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano is a woman, she is less than forty years old and she is one who was born and raised in the world of furniture. The name of Claudio Luti's successor, who abruptly left the presidency a few months ago in the midst of the turmoil of discussions in the Salone si-Salone no, is in fact that of Maria Porro, former president of Assarredo. A woman who, as she revealed to us a few months ago, puts circular production and sustainability at the center of her associative commitment and translates it into one word: collaboration. "To transform the power into action, a coordinated effort is needed: sharing objectives, strengths and skills, moving in unison towards a common goal," says the new president of the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

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A choral work, therefore, that Porro was already carrying out in Assarredo in relation to the challenges related to the circular economy. Because, as he told us some time ago, in terms of sustainability, Italy of furniture sets the standard: we are in second place among the countries that export green products. But several studies show that if we put to good use everything we already know how to do in terms of the circular economy, we would become an undisputed global leader in sustainable and technologically advanced production. This doing together must be our goal.

To this commitment to collaborative development of the entire sector are now added the challenges of being president of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. She, together with the board members of Federlegno Arredo Eventi, has the task of following up the 59-year course of the event by outlining new strategies to respond to the great changes taking place: in relation to the economic strength of the sector and its sustainable expansion. , to social and lifestyle changes (accelerated by the pandemic that overwhelmed the status quo), to the development of an increasingly digital and ubiquitous communication, light years away from what has always been considered functional. Not to forget the centripetal thrusts on the part of the furniture companies that a year and a half of necessarily do-it-yourself communication has put in place.


“The decision to focus on a young and motivated president is the result of a strategy that aims to consolidate the leading role of the event at an international level in a period of great change. Maria Porro will be able to count on the support of the entire Board of Federlegno Arredo Eventi to continue with determination the path of renewal and growth of the Salone del Mobile.Milano”, underlines Gianfranco Marinelli, president of Federlegno Arredo Eventi.

I grew up with the Salone del Mobile” comments Maria Porro. “As a child, I accompanied my grandfather Carlo to the pavilions of the historic headquarters, I experienced the transfer to the new spaces in Rho and enthusiastically participated in the Shanghai Motor Show. Today I am honored to take on this role in a crucial moment of transformation and I thank those who supported me hoping to prove myself worthy of an event that has a history of great successes. Together with the entire Board of Directors, we will have the task of accompanying the Salone, a unique and indispensable stage for design, towards future challenges that involve sustainability, digitization, research, innovation, creativity and inclusion while maintaining the highest quality.”.