A customizable sound wall for each environment: a complete sensory experience between innovation and comfort

Benetti Home offers original and personalized variations on the theme of the vertical garden and expands the range with an innovative idea that combines the well-being of green walls with the pleasure of music to create a complete sensory experience. The company has included BenettiSound among the 2021 novelties, launched on the market with the claim "If walls could sing ..." which summarizes the design innovation and interactive beauty of the new product with a high sensorial impact.

It is a zero maintenance vertical sound garden for interiors, made with 100% natural and stabilized lichen, equipped with an acoustic system that allows the wall to 'ring'. Its modern and green image and its aesthetic and sound impact make it an innovative and design tool. The characteristic of BenettiSound is that it is equipped with engineered instruments capable of obtaining a high level sound result. The panels are equipped with a technology to which an external amplifier is connected, from which the user controls the sound output in a simple and direct way, through personal devices. The sound sources are the most varied and the qualitative result is surprising.

An important feature is the ability to express this potential with minimum thicknesses, ease of installation and zero maintenance. From the visual and tactile experience generated by the green walls, in fact, the proposed sensory offer also embraces the acoustics, so as to offer a product that can combine aesthetic appeal and positive effects in terms of relaxation and well-being. The real protagonist is the sound declined in its aspects: from relaxing background to real musical performances. From colors to design to the best acoustic technology, you can choose the solution that best suits your project needs.