A 25-meter triangular tunnel created by Benjamin Hubert with the Dekton surface by Cosentino

A fascinating interactive experience that celebrates the harmony between architecture, light and nature.

Positioned inside one of the dark tunnels of Ventura Centrale during Milano Design WeekRaytrace was a triangular tunnel with a length of 25 meters and a height of 6 created by Benjamin Hubert , founder of the studio Layer, with the innovative Dekton ultracompact surface by Cosentino, used in the new Slim version of just 4 mm.


Benjamin Hubert explored the manufacturing process of Dekton in which water is one of the main elements. Thanks to the insertion of 29 glass spheres and 87 LED lights, Raytrace suggested the quiet atmosphere of the undersea world. Two mirrors at the ends of the tunnel reflected each other to create the illusion of an infinite space.

The poetic intention is to recreate the element water inside matter using light, form and architecture for a surprising experience” Benjamin Hubert "