On newsstands starting 5 June, the new issue of Interni: 170 interviews with entrepreneurs and designers, 200 new products and much more

The June issue of Interni presents 200 new developments for 2020 in the sectors: home furnishings, décor complements, materials, kitchens, bath furnishings, lighting. Besides over 200 products – all making their debut in this context – you can read the views of 102 entrepreneurs and 70 designers.

Italian design resumes from this point: a myriad of reflections with a shared vision, wagering on the intrinsic values of the great tradition of Made in italy to tackle new challenges in terms of system, technology and human relations.

The issue also features critical writings by Davide Rampello, cultural activist, Stefano Micelli, economist, and Aldo Bonomi, sociologist. Three different viewpoints, but with a single, strong conviction: Sistema Italia will have to focus on the intrinsic values of Made in Italy.

And then comes Interni Design Journal, a new digital format, a new daily magazine, a new tool of communication of the Interni system. Every day: on key word, one current theme, the opinion of an authoritative contributor, an investigative report, five new products, video interviews with designers and entrepreneurs.

A daily magazine distributed via newsletter.