More than an appliance, more than a cabinet: Refresh Butler is just what the name implies

Why is Frigo2000 on hand at Pitti Uomo? Because design, technology and fashion are being combined, creating synergies that make objects – and therefore everyday life – more beautiful and functional.

Arbiter, the designer Fabio Gianoli and Habits, the Swiss company V-ZUG and Frigo2000 have created a team ready to make a dream come true, restoring life to an object of rare beauty: D’Annunzio’s travel wardrobe.

Refresh Butler is a new valet for the care of garments; a portion of the wardrobe refreshes, dries and disinfects clothing. For an impeccably dressed modern man. One door of the unit opens onto a world of care, perfume, hygiene and beauty, in a closet that expresses wellbeing, functional quality, harmony and style.

The unit removes annoying odors like those of smoke or fried foods, and eliminates wrinkles without ironing. There are tools to conserve food and wine, safes for precious objects, safe deposit boxes... but what about clothing?

Luxury and technology, function and vanity, cleanliness and care: these are just a few of the premises behind the project.