Milan, Turin, Florence and Rome: Rinascente's gift to the city through its shop windows

This year, more than ever, the Rinascente stores throughout Italy are ready to put on a show filling up with colors, materials, scents and sounds typical of the Christmas period, with spectacular projects, shop windows and lighting systems on the facades of the buildings to celebrate this time of year. and give the cities something unique.

The windows of the Tritone flagship stores in Rome and in Milan host the fantastic world of Lemax, the company known for the production of music boxes, miniatures and themed villages. Each showcase hosts a specific Christmas glimpse, made with accurate miniatures. The Christmas scenarios are many: ski slopes; party and fun settings. All enriched by moving elements: clouds, colorful balloons, cable cars, airplanes and trains that pass from one window to another in a total absence of barriers. There is no shortage of representations of the Lemax worlds: Carnival village, Caddington village, Facade village and, of course, Santa Wonderland village.

The stores in Florence and Turin offer the symbolic reconstruction of a suggestive place in the Campania capital: via San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the cribs, known throughout the world as the exhibition center of the craft shops that make statuettes and sets all year round. A curious look inside the Christmas of Naples, played between the sacred and the profane, and the shops that are creative examples of Made in Italy, with the opportunity to observe the workshops of the great master craftsmen.

The partners of Christmas 2020 for this project are three: Di Virgilio 1830, Marco Ferrigno 1836 and Bottega Ferrigno di Giovanni and Monica Giudice, three names that have made via San Gregorio Armeno the way of the artisan nativity scene, famous all over the world.