A multi-family building in Lugano, Switzerland, produced by LignoAlp

LignoAlp has recently completed construction of the modern multi-family Residenza Fermata 21 at Pregassona, near Lugano (CH), designed by Nicola Probst. The new apartment building contains 8 spacious homes with panoramic views of the city and nature. The particular character of the building is not set only by the elegance of its architecture, but also by its location in Pregassona, where until the end of the 1970s the railroad connected Lugano to other Swiss cities – hence the name “Stop 21 Residence.”

In spite of its size – the units up for sale range from 130 to 200 m² - the construction has a light image, in harmony with the landscape. The rectangular volume is set on a basement level in waterproof concrete, offering 16 garages, cellars for the apartments and a fitness room. On the two levels above, the eight apartments are made with a light load-bearing system in wood and a structure in panels of fir plywood on the ceilings and the flat roof, engineered and produced by the expert carpenters from Alto Adige of LignoAlp.

The use of natural raw materials with low environmental impact, of high quality and beauty, as well as avant-garde technical systems including geothermal heating, controlled ventilation and home automation, give the entire building high standing in terms of livability, thanks to optimized control of the four fundamental parameters of internal climate, air quality, lighting and acoustics.

One of the architectural features of the building is the inner ventilated facade, with external cladding in natural Piasentina stone and internal facing in plasterboard panels, making the complex blend into the landscape. All the outer surfaces have uniform colors, and combined with the large windows they give rise to an enclosure that alternates open and closed parts.

Residenza Fermata 21 complies with all the requirements of passive buildings and the tenets of Minergie P certification, the Swiss standard for comfort, efficiency and added value in new and renovated buildings.