Il Vicolo art gallery in Milano is closed to the public, but the first installation of ‘Rewild’ is visible from the outside. A synaesthetic and empathic experience – from the street – with all the senses. A reflection on issues related to Climate Change and at the same time a symbolic gesture for the city that wants and must restart

* Now, after the red zone, the gallery is open. But the reflection remains open. The installation can also be visited inside, until February 27, 2021.

According to the indications of the latest Prime Ministerial Decree, la Galleria d’arte Il Vicolo, located in via Maroncelli 2 in Milan, is closed to the public, but the installation Prologue: Diatoms in the Multiverse – the first of the 6 chapters that will compose Rewild, the art project on Climate Change by The Curators Milano – it is visible from the outside, through the shop windows on the street, as well as online on


It will remain lit as a symbolic gesture of resilience to this complicated historical moment. A sign for the city of Milan that wants and must start again: art and culture can be the engines of rebirth.

The installation will be open to visitors inside the gallery as soon as the red zone ends.

“If you passed via Maroncelli in Milan, you would realize it: the gallery is closed, like much else in our current lives, but open reflection” explain the creatives of The Curators Milan collective“From the cracks in the shop windows on the street you could glimpse an equilibrist dart, synthetic diatoms, the absence of plant life.

Driven by empathy, by the desire to resist and at the same time project themselves into the future, the creatives have given life to a project closely linked to the current situation of the pandemic and to a theme, the environmental one, which touches everyone closely, told through language art, design and new technologiesRewild is a cycle of installations that has the hope of providing a space for local voices who consider the current state of affairs an emergency, the uncontrolled exploitation and stripping our mother nature of its intrinsic harmony” they conclude.

Thus begins Rewild, an artistic and social project dedicated to the themes of Climate Change which, over the course of a year, will tell a story divided into six chapters through as many installations. Six different themes on which an artist or a group of creatives will be called, from time to time, to create their own aesthetic synthesis in a fluid exchange between sculptural and digital arts.

Prologue: Diatoms in the Multiverse, first of the six events, is a sort of background whose narrative focus is represented by the Diatom. In fact, the multisensory installation was created with the aim of discovering diatoms  unicellular organisms responsible for 50% of all the oxygen necessary for the biochemical balance of the planet  by putting an iron sculpture by the artist Ludovico Bomben in dialogue with a sculpture 3D.

The installation is a choral work, composed of several elements and conceived by the creative group The Curators Milan and its collaborators: Opera Holographic by The Curators, the sculpture Dardo by Ludovico Bomben and the soundscape by Luca Morelli and Andrea Costantini.

With Rewild, The Curators Milan collective wants to make us reflect on the concept of empathy through which we can stimulate the safeguarding of the planet's biodiversity, and with it our very existence.