The Gioco del Mugnaio by Gnambox and Molino Pasini

What’s the best thing about Christmas? Sharing unique moments around a dining table. For families that enjoy board games, this year there is a new possibility, with a gastronomic theme.

Thanks to collaboration between Molino Pasini and Gnambox, the Gioco del Mugnaio offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the famous, age-old Game of the Goose.

Rolling the dice, the players amuse themselves with recipes and curiosities, discovering the world of flour and competing with the other players.

Besides the game, the box contains 3 packages of Farina del Mugnaio flour, to try out using the recipes of Gnambox, which for years has collaborated with Molino Pasini in the project ‘Cook like a pro,’ which makes it possible to prepare the recipes of the finest Italian chefs at home.

The special Christmas box designed by Gnambox is a limited edition, sold only online at