Libra and Flame are two new models of the iconic NikolaTesla line of cooktop range hoods by Elica, winner of prestigious international awards, especially the Compasso d’Oro in 2018.

Getting beyond the concept built-in functions in the whole NikolaTesla line, a cooking and exhaust solution has been introduced with new kinds of performance that make these models unique and exclusive.

NikolaTesla Flame is the solution for lovers of the ‘four burners’ and of tradition in the kitchen. This is the first gas exhaust range on the market with a built-in hood: a technological challenge that has enabled the company to solve the contrast between the high standards set by regulations in terms of performance and flame power, and the desire to improve the effectiveness of the exhaust system.

NikolaTesla Libra is the first cooktop on the market that has a scale mounted directly on the surface of the top. A true innovation in the kitchen, which makes the preparation of any recipe simpler and more immediate. Starting today, it will be possible to directly weigh foods in the cookware, at any temperature, adding ingredients one by one during the cooking phases and saving precious time.