The quality of Hi-Macs at the service of a gynaecology clinic in Valencia

The concept of the project by Fran Canós Studio, based on spaces with curved and rounded forms, has been transformed into reality thanks to the thermoforming properties of Hi-Macs.

To represent the anatomy of a pregnant woman: this was the design objective. The final result is a harmonious space made possible thanks to the use of Hi-Macs acrylic stone in the Alpine White shade. The ‘immaculate’ appearance of the clinic demonstrates all the properties of the solid surface material. It can be thermoformed to extreme curves, without visible joints and with very high levels of hygienic performance.

Curved and rounded shapes represent the leitmotif of the various spaces, from the walls to the design of the furnishings. “We wanted a clean, organic design, without straight lines, that would create a totally unique personal touch for the clinic," says Fran Canós, engineer and founder of Fran Canós Studio.

One of the most indicative aspects is the design of the indoor furnishings – all custom made – including three elements that separate the spaces, generating the overall layout. As if in a single room, these blocks have such a characteristic geometric shape as to approach the idea of sculpture.

The properties of the material have been exploited for the exterior of the clinic – on the facade and the perimeter frame of the main entrance – and for the interiors, where the pure Alpine White is applied to the two reception desks, the three dividers, two tables and two niches.