The 2020 Collection by Minotti reflects a contemporary modern taste and confirms the identity of the company linked to sartorial know-how of the highest quality, as in the world of haute couture, for the creation of exclusive products

The new systems of upholstered furniture, seating and complements of the 2020 Collection of Minotti stand out for purity of forms and volumes, defined by rigorous geometric lines with an architectural appeal. Their beauty is enhanced by precious materials and an exclusive collection of fabrics.

A quiet elegance, with a strong international orientation in terms of style and design, all based on Italian imprinting. This is the fil rouge running through the indoor and outdoor creations envisioned by an established team of designers, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni with Minotti Studio. Projects by Rodolfo Dordoni (Connery, Blazer, Mattia, Quincy and Quincy Chevron, Liam, Solid Collection, Block Indoor and Outdoor, Flirt, Penthouse, Sunray, Florida, Terrace), Nendo (Torii), Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 (Daiki Indoor and Outdoor, Boteco, Linha), Christophe Delcourt (Lou 2020) and GamFratesi (Fynn Collection Indoor and Outdoor) make the 2020 Collection look to the West, to the sophisticated mid-century atmospheres of California; but also to the East, with the formal minimalism of Japan; to the North, with tones of Scandinavian rigor, adapted for the specific personality of the maison.

The 2020 Collection develops a language that incorporates the know-how of the tradition linked to the world of upholstery with a high level of tailor-made expertise. It relies on the presence of sculptural furnishing complements and seating with a forceful personality, reinterpreting the spirit of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

The collection has been created to exist in different interiors, at different latitudes, in Europe and the Americas or Asia, imagining the people who live there, their gestures, their everyday rituals, tactile sensations, exclusive materials, the effect of the light caressing a top in wood or marble, the lively glow of metal details. Sophisticated furnishings, like a bespoke suit, reflecting individual personality and taste, in the most authentic spirit of the Minotti design tradition.

The various cultural backgrounds of the individual designers blend and interact in a true Minotti project, driven by the typical touches of different creative talents, to formulate a truly contemporary style.