From SCAB Design to S•CAB. The rebranding of a company that has never stopped innovating, for over 60 years. In March a new logo and a new creativity

From SCAB Design toS•CAB: the restyling of the logo that, starting in March, will more aptly tell the story of the company. “A logo closer to the identity gained over the years, in constant evolution.” The words of Luisa Battaglia, Art Director and co-owner of the Brescia-based company of international scope. She continues: “The company’s growth, with the diversification of the offer, has resulted in the need for a rebranding, not a new name, but a more contemporary and easy-to-read logo. We are an Italian company that is still family-owned and we are proud of it. We have a long manufacturing tradition that allows us to produce well-made objects, designed to last. Our value comes from this. This is what we wanted to convey”.

To better define the renewed vigour, we decided to switch from SCAB Design to S•CAB. Preserving the name that has accompanied the company since 1957, its acronym has been respected – Sedute e Complementi d’Arredo Battaglia (Battaglia Chairs and Furnishing Accessories) – because origins are important, as is living in the present and designing the future.

We have highlighted the S (chair), the company’s core business, without altering the overall identity, and studied a brand-new, redesigned, rounded and pleasant font. The addition of a dot marks the turning point, a pivot of rotation. The name SCAB is a heritage of the family and of the market. Today, S•CAB aims with great energy to foreign markets, which appreciate and recognize the value of its products. In this process, the company was supported by studio Strina.

The rebranding has also led to the definition of a new creativity where fiction and reality meet for an unprecedented Spettacolo Quotidiano (The Daily Show). The new image aims at the productive essence with a dual soul: indoor and outdoor. Ironic and at times surreal, it is a play of contrast between luxury and everyday life – a metaphorical journey.

S•CAB Spettacolo Quotidiano highlights the peculiarity of the objects that are on the stage of our lives all day every day. The setting represents the context in which our chairs live. Of course, it is an extraordinary setting. A S•CAB  chair is suitable for any situation.

The 2021 image project is created by Elena Caponi and Marco Strina.