Tradition and contemporary style in the renovation of the CMMA headquarters in France

For the renovation of the headquarters of CMMA in the French town of Châlons-en- Champagne, the architects Patrick Planchon and Franck Deroche – in collaboration with the cabinetmaker Landry Gobert – have created an extraordinary staircase that combines the warmth of wood with the contemporary flair of the HI-MACS Solid Surface.

The initial specifications of the client for the refurbishing of the building called for an element that would ensure connection among all the services provided by CMMA. The architectural translation of this request is a monumental staircase, placed at the entrance, around which the various areas of operation have been arranged on three levels.

HI-MACS has been chosen for its easy thermoforming, permitting a perfect “union between elegant mass and solid lightness,” says the architect Patrick Planchon.

The cabinetmaker Landry Gobert, accustomed to working with noble materials like wood, has brought out the best in this sculptural creation. HI-MACS is a material of the latest generation, solid like stone but easy to shape like wood. Many masters of the art of carpentry and cabinetmaking choose it as a material to constantly stretch the limits of creative possibility.

Photo: Eric Vanden