Scavolini celebrates its 60th anniversary with a commercial. At the center of the narrative is the relationship with people and the growth over the years of its offer in the name of a total home look

In these 60 yearsScavolini has grown and evolved hand in hand with society  for the people and with the people  to become synonymous with home in its broadest and most personal sense.

The new 60 Anni Insieme (60 Years Together) commercial, on air from 31 January 2021, tells scenes of everyday life that revolve around the desires and different personalities of the protagonists, their rhythms of life and aesthetic tastes. With a reassuring and emotional tone, he speaks to everyone. And it narrates  through the Formalia, Boxi, Tratto, Cabina Armadio and Gym Space collections  the path that the company has seen alongside those who have chosen it at every stage of their lives, thus giving shape to projects and designing the very evolution of the Scavolini brand and its offer, ever wider, diversified but coordinated and complementary, in the name of a total home look.

The objective of the campaign is the celebration of this important milestone, told in a language that develops through a new humanism. An open and personal vision of the home, which, since 1961, has guided the development of the company in the constant search for innovative solutions to meet the multiple living needs, defining new stylistic and functional codes for the furnishing of the kitchen environment first, the bathroom then, up to the living room and the walk-in closet.

Here then is that the new 60 Years Together commercial tells about everyday life, in all its facets, desires and needs, in a relationship between the brand and the people that has materialized over the years in an offer that has extended from the kitchen to everyone. the rooms of the house.

A journey that acquires even more value because it is shared and that finds its maximum expression in the final claim: “From the kitchen, to the bathroom, from the living room to the walk-in closet, we have become home together”.

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People have always been at the center of our way of working, an integral part of the long path that has led us to be the most loved by Italians” tells Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini. “We are happy to share such a significant stage in our life, such as our sixtieth anniversary. In line with our story, we have chosen with this spot to be close to the people who accompanied us and who will accompany us, telling the moments, emotions and changes we have experienced together and the intrinsic bond that unites us with them every day and that allows to Scavolini to look to the past but above all to the future with positivity and enthusiasm”.

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The television campaign, created on a project by the Komma Agency  Bike Communication group  and planned by FC Media, is on air from 31 January through the main television broadcasters: Rai, Mediaset, Sky, La7 and Discovery Media. It's also supported by digital planning and on social networks, by the Digital Company Websolute, as well as in print.

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