Il nuovo gres 20x20 cm di Marazzi

Taking inspiration from the historic collection “I Pennellati” by Marazzi (designed in 1958 by Venerio Martini), Scenario is the new 20x20 cm stoneware with a ‘brushstroke’ effect.

The application of the color on the surface is done as in the past, by hand, with imperfections that make the material poetic and unique.

The collection offers two different surfaces that can be combined: a matte surface in 3 colors – white, black and blue – ideal to cover floors and facings of residential and light commercial spaces, and an ultra-lux surface - in white, blue, sky blue, black and gray – that rediscovers the charm of majolica typical of the architecture of southern Italy, with a thick layer of very glossy glaze for a Mediterranean look, perfect for finishing walls.

Scenario also features a decorative range of graphic effects, simple geometric forms like triangles and circles, and ton-sur-ton brushstrokes.