Design is also staged: the set-ups and installations of Milano Design City

Milan becomes beautiful during the design weeks, becoming a city that is yes for a few days adorned with installations, with site specific projects that make it appear magical.

Milano Design City, at least in this first edition in the midst of the pandemic crisis, has obviously a more discreet footprint. But brands have not given up on working on installations, investing time and energy to stage the design.

Calvi & Brambilla for Flos have worked on graphic signs that characterize the dialogue with the city:a showcase totally dedicated to Coordinates by Michael Anastassiades. A Cartesian grid of LED that echoes urban atmospheres is the first set of an installation that develops inside of the Corso Monforte store. The choice of the Milanese duo is to make communication - the name of products - a bright object. A scenographic quote from Neon Art and a job refined on the superimposition of visual meanings.

For Cedit Elena Salmistraro has designed the Chimera collection: a visually significant project even without the need for a great deal of staging. But what in the Foro showroom
Buonaparte expresses itself in the great scenes of a graphic and contemporary space.

Wall & Deco dedicated the Milan Design City setting to the new Wet System and Out System, wallpaper for showers and for outdoors respectively. WeMu Experience Museum is the virtual architecture, realistic but not plausible, which houses the collections on the three levels of the showroom.

Casa Cappellini is the layout designed to reproduce a total look space in which the design brand exhibits an ideal, multicultural and eclectic space. Together with the old and new projects of Cappellini, the exhibition also lives thanks to the products of partners such as Ceramiche Flaminia and Baulificio Italiano, among others.

Finally, Ferruccio Laviani is the author of the installation in the space by Lea Ceramiche. The collection Anthology, which gathers five new mineral types, condenses into a surreal set, which escapes the boundaries of the window and talks about space exploration and alien materials.