Milesi paints the Mt Everest Fashion Runway, the world’s highest ecological fashion show

Milesi, a brand of Gruppo IVM, has taken part in the Mt Everest Fashion Runway, by painting – using its new line of specific water-base woodstains for decking – the runway of the world’s highest ecological fashion show, at 5643 meters, held in January.

The exclusive Mt Everest Fashion Runway, produced in collaboration with Save the Earth, is the first edition of an annual event held each year during the same period, which has just entered the Guinness Book of world records as the highest-altitude fashion show ever.

The show takes place near the base camp of Everest, Kala Patthar, and was organized by the Nepal-based brand Kasa to bear witness to the environmental commitment of the fashion system regarding important themes like global climate change and the increasingly urgent need for ethical, sustainable fashion. Kasa presented its collection made with entirely sustainable and biodegradable natural materials.

Milesi has met the challenge of the custom runway by selecting the water-base maple-color woodstain specifically for decking and outdoor furnishings, a very strong product that can stand up to difficult climate conditions, from the XWT510x Color System series.