Works by Luca Bonfanti, Enzo Rizzo and Togo Casa del Mantegna - Via Acerbi 47 – Mantua – Until 6 January 2020

In the context of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, Casa del Mantegna in Mantua presents the exhibition Similiter in Pictura: Attorno a Leonardo, with works by Luca Bonfanti, Enzo Rizzo and Togo inspired by the artistic production and scientific discoveries of the great Tuscan genius.

The exhibition itinerary includes 80 works for an in-depth contemporary reinterpretation of the figure of Leonardo, by the artists Bonfanti, Rizzo and Togo, respectively accompanied by the critical writings of Matteo Galbiati, Alberto Moioli and Elena Pontiggia.

Alongside the paintings, the show also includes 30 reproduction of Leonardo’s machines made by Giorgio Mascheroni, joined by video and touchscreen installations that add educational content, including the video “Leonardo narrates the Last Supper” made by Maurizio Sangalli with Massimiliano Loizzi, Marco Ballerini, Alberto Patrucco and Alfredo Colina.

A smartphone app provides more information on each work on view, sharing contents on the social networks to promote and encourage circulation of culture.