If the International Year of Light (2015) announced by UNESCO has to blend with the world of cuisine and food, the focal point of Expo 2015 (with the theme Feeding the Planet), this image couldn’t be more emblematic. Galactic.

If we really think about it, the historical moment crossed by Milan and Italy with Expo 2015 has a lot to do with the Universe. Though our ‘universe’ is much more material, that of food and its system, which is in constant movement.

We can truly talk about a food universe that accompanied Expo and FuoriExpo with a constellation of events, starting in May and concluded at the end of October, which will most probably have consequences that extend into the years to come.

The art of cooking and chefs (not coincidentally honored by ‘stars’) has become a legacy of knowledge in the universal system of communication. The world of design has enthusiastically latched onto this food meteor that has flared its way into the media.

Major new developments emerge from this fusion. From the Expo projects with pavilions created by outstanding international designers and furnished by prestigious design manufacturers, to restaurants scattered around the city, each with its own creative proposal that deserves a visit.

Shops and departments stores, food designers, creators of objects, all join forces in this great program of events. Last but not least, Design Meets Food, a circuit we have designed and organized, brings Milanese chefs and designers together in many showrooms, for culinary face-offs of the highest quality.


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A surreal installation for Planet Family, designed by Cédric Ragot for Plust Collection. The table legs support tops in HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and beech of different sizes. The seats are in plastic with dark or natural beech legs. For indoor and outdoor, classic and contemporary settings.
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