Two historic fashion houses in Milan, Azucena and Serapian, collaborate on a special project: a bespoke Mosaico cushion embellishes the iconic Catilina chair designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Refined elegance, charming understatement and unmistakable know-how are the values ​​that animate Serapian since its foundation in 1928, when Stefano Serapian creates a universe made of hand-crafted accessories. And that led the architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua to give life, in 1947, to Azucena, the brand that collects furniture designs to be used for furnishing the buildings they designed. Serapian and Azucena have always been faithful to the same spirit of excellence that they tell together through a special project.

Catilina chair, designed by Caccia Dominioni and presented in 1953 at the Triennale in Milan, is one of the most representative pieces of his aesthetic research. A sort of "domestic throne", essential in its lines and designed to give those who sit there a distinct bearing. The artisans of Serapian's Atelier Bespoke have reinterpreted the cushion that completes the seat with the Mosaic workmanship, made by hand and fine-tuned for the first time in the year of Azucena's birth.

Serapian and Azucena celebrate in each piece the union between beauty and mastery, the recognition of two related worlds. Atelier Bespoke, now led by Giovanni Nodari Serapian, the third generation of the family, has enthusiastically taken up the challenge of producing this object. The iconic interweaving of leather strips embraces the cushion on the edges, giving body to a game of contrasting shades from the unmistakable black&white, to the brighter tones of fuchsia and mint, red and white or blush and bronze. A new chapter of high craftsmanship, the result of expert hands for which nothing is impossible.