The interactive wall created by Dotdotdot for the Design Holding booth at Salone del Mobile.Milano

Design Holding, which includes B&B ItaliaFlos and Louis Poulsen, made its debut at Salone del Mobile.Milano in its new corporate guise with one of the biggest stands ever set up at the fair.

To narrate the icons, designers and anecdotes from the history of the three brands in a playful, unexpected way, the multidisciplinary design studio Dotdotdot installed an interactive wall of about 80 meters two welcome visitors at the entrance to the three areas of the booth in Pavilion 24, design by studio Calvi Brambilla.

The big interactive wall composed of four parts of roughly 20 meters each displayed about fifty stories of design: animated illustrations of objects and personalities touch-activated by visitors.

The histories of the three brands intertwined without a precise chronological plot, revealing curiosities about the most famous products, including the tale of the Castiglioni brothers carrying the base of the Arco lamp on their way to the famous exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape in New York.

Dotdotdot formulated the interaction design and the user experience in terms of use and engineering, for a wide audience visiting the fair in large numbers.

The walls came alive in a dynamic way through the simultaneous intervention of multiple visitors. The interaction was easy, spontaneous and immediate: the stories were activated by touching certain points of the illustrations left blinking in stand-by mode, generating surprising effects.