USM Modular Furniture: designing and configuring USM furnishings is always possible, even in periods of shelter-in-place

Creation of one’s own home workstation is a widespread need for all professionals, above and beyond the healthcare crisis. Doing it quickly and easily has now become an indispensable priority.

USM Haller, now also available in a version with cordless lighting, external and with built-in USB ports, offers the solution for creation of temporary workspaces inside the home, adjusting to various existing layouts and styles. But when it is no longer possible to leave home, as in these recent weeks of lockdown that have taken everyone by surprise, how can we make the best use of work areas inside the domestic walls?

Just visit the USM website and enter the area set aside for the 3D interactive configurator: a true design tool, simple and intuitive to use, that allows you to create a configuration of the USM Haller modular system, based on your own functional and aesthetic requirements, including shelving solutions or small modules on which to place a printer, gaining new storage space.

When you have configured the ideal composition, you can share it by e-mail with your architect or interior designer, export it in DWG format, or have it evaluated by a USM expert. You can also make a direct purchase through the online platform.

To facilitate the flow of products during the Coronavirus emergency, the Swiss group has contacted all commercial partners to propose solutions for the ongoing supply of USM furnishings to clients in the most effective way, also utilizing a survey to understand the situation of dealers: closure of warehouses, transport delays, reduced staff, contacts, exceptional strategies, and so on.