The innovative porcelain stoneware by Marazzi with a surface soft to the touch, to prevent slipping

Not a new product, but a new, patented production process. StepWise is the technology developed and applied by Marazzi for some of the new collections, experimenting with its efficacy on both high performance items like the Terratech technical stoneware, and on stone-effect tiles for the Mystone collection (Gris du Gent, Limestone and Moon), as well as a small decorative format like Crogiolo D_Segni Blend.

The very new StepWise technology grants the products high resistance to slipping while keeping the surface soft to the touch and easy to clean, thanks to the lack of surface roughness. Produced with advanced technologies, the porcelain stoneware also guarantees high resistance to mechanical stress, chemicals, wear, scratching, deep abrasion and flexing; it is easy to sterilize and stands up to frost, fire, mildew and the action of UV rays.

StepWise is not a surface treatment but a particular intrinsic property of new products. Marazzi has been able to implement the characteristics of the material by working on all the industrial phases: from research on materials and glazes to the type of grinding and pressing, also altering the firing process. The new porcelain stoneware by Marazzi, made with the StepWise technology, receives a mechanical treatment across the entire surface that permits it to conserve its characteristics of tactile softness, while guaranteeing a high coefficient of dynamic friction.