Armani / Casa chosen for the Quirinale Contemporaneo project

The Armani Group, by express will of the President of the Republic, will participate in the Quirinale Contemporaneo project with the Armani/Casa brand. “I am honored that Armani / Casa has been chosen to become part of the permanent collection of the Quirinale Contemporaneo. It represents an important recognition of the constant commitment in the field of design, which has always been aimed at creating environments and furnishing objects that reflect my personal aesthetic vision ", said Giorgio Armani.

For the occasion, Armani / Casa will donate a carpet, which will become part of the permanent setting of the dining room of the Belvedere al Torrino, where the most private institutional meetings take place. The large silk carpet (600x800 cm), specially made in gray, whose workmanship emphasizes its brightness, creating a three-dimensional effect. In addition to the carpet, two fabrics from the Armani / Casa Exclusive Textiles collection will be donated for the upholstery of some of the upholstered rooms in the Palazzo.

Quirinale Contemporanea is the initiative presented in June last year, strongly desired by President Sergio Mattarella, which aims to enrich and update the artistic heritage of the Italian home with contemporary works of art, furniture and design objects. The works thus become part of the representative spaces of the Presidency of the Republic, through a respectful reinterpretation of the pre-existing architecture of the interiors and gardens of the palace.

Ph. Massimo Listri