Young and enterprising, they have started a small artisan workshop in the North Italy, permeated by Mediterranean inspirations that look (also) to the Souther. The new experimental art brand Studio Terre creates unique pieces – ancestral, everyday, imperfect – by shaping clay with your hands

True, authentic and (therefore) imperfect.

The new brand of experimental art Studio Terre, founded by the artists Eva Noemi Marchetti aka Nino, Francesca Guarnone, aka Jufà with Riccardo Brunetti was born from this awareness, linked to the roots, the earth and the material to create pieces that transcend the definitions. Between craftsmanship, design and art.

“We should go back to the awareness that our grandparents had, according to which if an object is scratched, or is not perfect, it does not automatically become less important or valuable: it is the intrinsic memory that makes it come alive” explain the young artists. “We have been so stormed by the perfect and absolute beauty that now we are looking for the opposite. It is always the true that is proposed to us, the authentic. It is not an ode to the crack, but the conscious and positive acceptance of the non-existence of perfection.

They draw on the artisan traditions of Oltrepò Pavese, in Lombardy, where their small workshop is located a home / studio opened in 2020 during the pandemic but their artistic creations are strongly permeated by Mediterranean visions, colors, flavors and smells. There is Puglia, Lucania and also Sardinia, the lands of their origins, in the suggestions from which they draw. Ancestral and daily suggestions, steeped in memory and nature, simple gestures and places out of time.
Hand-molded, born from inspirations and gestures rather than from projects defined in every detail, accessories and furnishings are modeled in clay, from Lombardy or Salento. Material, rough, imperfect, they are timeless objects for the table and the home: containers for preserves, small and extra large, lamps and lies, but also tables.

Conserva Madre, Lume, Convivio, Nucleo... there is a relationship of kinship and affinity between the elements of the Conserve, Maxi and Ritorni collections, as in a family.

Studio Terre, which also creates works on commission in order to offer exclusive objects created ad hoc, is a collective project. A project that wants to communicate a  primordial  vision made up of careful gestures and precious time. A project that, born during the pandemic, can only be contemporary also in distribution: the pieces are for sale on the site.

Objects of memory but with a contemporary design. Authentic sculptural pieces that with their imperfections communicate an unusual conception of art but also a way of life – their way of life.

“Ours is the philosophy of slow design to move further and further away from the frenzy and alienation that today's society covertly imposes on us. We try to return to more natural rhythms” explain le artists.

Studio Terre was born from a manual and inspired vision, in progress.

“We make an instinctive art: we don't exactly design the object we will make” explain Nino, Jufà and Riccardo. “We only think about the concept we want to express and communicate, not about the final product”.


Cover photo: the artist Nino, co-founder of Studio Terre.