16th edition of the construction workshop in the forests of Sweden

Seven days at Grythyttan in the town of Hallefors in Sweden, in the midst of big lakes and immense forests. StugaProject is a unique opportunity to learn to work with wood and to build using traditional Swedish techniques.

During the workshop part of the time will be utilized for the construction of a wooden house – a stuga, in Swedish – or a large installation. Another portion of time is devoted to exploration of the territory, which contains over 400 lakes and a wide range of wild animals.

The workshop sets out to reconcile nature and art, architecture and design, in keeping with the ArkiZoic style, in which architecture is based on the natural evolution of living things. The days of work alternate with the luminous Scandinavian nights and the tradition ritual of the sauna, known here as bastu.

One workshop, three modules: 1-7, 7-13, 13-19 August 2019. Three ways to take part: a single module, two modules, or the complete workshop. During the month of July an encounter at AtelierFORTE in Milan introduces students to Sweden and the workshop; during the session each participant will complete a notebook of sketches and thoughts.

Information or registration for the introductory event.