The new standard of flexibility

Suite, the new partition system designed for Vismaravetro by Castiglia Associati, offers solutions with a very high degree of personalization for the organization of the bathroom and other spaces in the home or in hotels.

Suite is a system of partitions in glass and aluminium conceived to border the shower zone and the bathroom with a single solution. The modules of the Suite series stand out for their clean, essential lines, ideal to revitalize the traditional structure of spaces with absolute flexibility, in a free, creative way to respond to specific needs.

The modular system developed by Vismaravetro calls for fixed panels and doors in aluminium and glass up to a height of 270 cm, whose innovative 180° hinges expand the range of applications and ease of use. The system goes beyond traditional limits to permit new, original configurations whose level of technical advancement leads to very high performance standards.

Suite can be made in 10-mm tempered monolithic glass, or in layered safety glass (4+4 mm) with the possibility of insertion of colorful plastic or metal screens. The aluminium frame comes in an anodized or enameled finish, for combination with various types of glass and sections.

Suite can be personalized, selecting from two types of handles. The standard version is round. The structure of the handle in soft-touch plastic is enhanced by a central aluminium insert with the same finish as the frame. The other option is a linear handle in extruded aluminium. Attached to the door frame, it has the same finish as the structure.