L&L Luce&Light for a private residence in Milan

A new private residential project for L&L Luce&Light located in a zone on the outskirts of Milan to the south of the city, in an area where social and urban stratifications have left vivid traces of the recent past.

The wide-ranging project by DVDV Studio Architetti responds to precise needs of the owners by joining two separate properties, through the construction of an internal staircase to create a single large, high space, with a studio apartment on the first floor and a three-room unit on the ground floor.

The project reorganizes the spaces, operating exclusively on the volumes and not the plan, including the construction of an intermediate level.

The new iron structure conceived as a vertical connection between the ground and first floors also creates a connection between the living area and the kitchen, while acting as a suspended ceiling for the passage between the two spaces. In this intermediate zone seven Trevi 1.0 (3000K, diffused light, 613 mm) fixtures have been installed, to light the zone below: linear outdoor profiles and immersion units have been used in an unconventional way, selected for their minimal forms and finished stainless steel ends.

In the passageway six Simply 1.0 built-in fixtures for diffused light with pearl chrome finish punctuate the base of the rugged wall. In the bathroom, positioned at the mirror the Ella IN white applique provides diffused lighting, blending with the minimal geometric forms of the furnishings, while the shower space features the RGB light of the Beam 1.0 built-in fixture with stainless steel finish.

Photo: Alessio Tamborini