With high technological standards and extremely versatile looks, the Hörmann LPU 42 garage door enhances a private residence in Apulia

Mediterranean colors, age-old olive groves, oak forests: from San Severo to Otranto, at the tip of the Italian boot, Apulia is a place of breathtaking views and the scent of the sea.

This private residence in a beautiful setting features the automatic LPU 42 segmental door by Hörmann, whose versatility permits perfect insertion in the landscape context.

While on the one hand the Woodgrain RAL 1015 finish echoes the color of the typical local limestone of the house, the ribbing matches the masonry to ensure visual continuity.

The modern, exclusive design of the LPU 42 model, in this installation, blends well with the charm of an old-fashioned residence, demonstrating the great potential of Hörmann products in locations of historical prestige